Fibrin 660F Floor Screed Reinforcement Fibre 12.7kg Box



Special surfactant coatings enable excellent dispersion of individual filaments, allowing the formation of homogeneous three-dimensional matrix within the concrete mix. The inclusion of brin 660F Floor Screed Reinforcement Fibre provides significant technical benefits in both the plastic and hardened state of concrete.

Mixing instructions
When adding fibres into a cementitious product careful attention must be taken in the batching and mixing procedure in order to achieve optimum results.

1 x BOX Weighs: 12.7kg




  • Reduces shrinkage cracks, settlement and bleed (excess water rising to surface).
  • Alternative to crack control mesh, less labour intensive to use.
  • Increases abrasion properties and impact resistance.


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Additional information

Weight 24,9 kg